We Make Buying & Selling Cars Easy

Our Story

After numerous poor experiences in buying and selling cars, we sought to re-imagine the entire process.

We seek to cut out the inefficiencies and expensive overhead associated with car dealerships (rent, advertising costs and sales commissions) and use technology to create a fairer and more efficient marketplace. Our aim is to ensure better deals, where the buyer pays less at purchase, and the seller pockets more at sale.

CARCHASE makes the process simple, safe and certain. We combine a vehicle certification process, an industry leading pricing algorithm, and a safe and efficient settlement platform to enable better value propositions for buyers and sellers of cars.

Thanks to our great team, our love of cars and customer obsession, we’re rebuilding the car buying and selling user experience from the ground up.

At CARCHASE, our vision is to create the benchmark platform for people to buy and sell their cars.

Be it certainty of price, transparency of condition or security of the deal, all CARCHASE customers can rely on our objectivity and domain expertise to deliver a revolutionary transaction experience when buying or selling a car. In doing so, we complete our mission of delivering outstanding value by competing on cost rather than price.