1993 Alfa Romeo Zagato RZ
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Italy has some of the greatest coachbuilders in the world. Names like Ghia, Touring, Vignale, Scaglietti, Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato - have produced some of the most beautiful and iconic cars of all time.

Founded in 1919 by Ugo Zagato, like many coachbuilders at the time, had worked in aircraft industry, where he developed his knowledge and skills in building lightweight and aerodynamic vehicles. Originally Zagato built bodies for racing cars, with a particularly strong relationship with the Alfa Romeo factory teams. One of he's earliest works was Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 which would be very successful at Mille Miglia. He extended his presence by also building race cars for Bugatti, Maserati, Diatto and Rolls-Royce, firmly stamping his mark on the landscape of Italian design and engineering.

There are few cars which are so unique that they’re considered a design classic as soon as they appear on the scene; the Zagato RZ certainly is one of them. The Alfa Romeo RZ designed and built by Zagato and fully engineered by Alfa Romeo, was one of the most memorable Italian cars of the early nineties for a variety of reasons, with the first and foremost being its controversial styling. Boasting compelling styling, this model has a passionate following, and as such, they attract attention anywhere they travel.

The RZ is powered by the Alfa 75’s fuel-injected V-6 four-cam engine developing a potent 210 horsepower, is sent through a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle. The rally tuned suspension is fully independent in front with a de Dion rear axle with Watt’s linkage in the rear, lending excellent handling qualities. The optional ‘Wilwood’ disc brakes can easily stop the car down from its estimated 243 km/h top speed.

The RZ (Roadster Zagato), produced from 1992 until December 1994. Although the RZ and SZ shared almost identical looks, the two cars had completely different body panels save for the front wings and boot. The RZ had a revised bumper and door sills to give better ground clearance and the bonnet no longer featured the aggressive ridges. Three colours were available as standard black yellow and red, with black and yellow being the more popular choices. Yellow and red cars got a black leather interior and black cars burgundy. Although the interior layout was almost unchanged from the SZ, the RZ had a painted central console that swept up between the seats to conceal the convertible roof storage area. 350 units were planned but production was halted after 252 units when the Zagato factory producing the cars for Alfa Romeo went into receivership, a further 32 cars were then completed under the control of the receivers before production finished at 284 units.

The RZ was the only ‘spider’ Alfa Romeo available in this period.

This RZ is No. 78 of the 278 released, comes with its original registration certificate from Japan and has matching numbers (engine and VIN).

Please note that original seats have been replaced with Recaro seats.

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