2013 Mercedes-Benz E200

The E-Class cabriolet impart an invigorating sense of freedom like no ordinary automobiles. But they do it by strictly adhering to a rich legacy, and embodying the soul of the most desirable and dynamic cars in the history of the Star. What defined those cars in their day remains fully in effect today: Unfading confidence in their performance, matched with impeccable refinement for their passengers. The E?Class Cabriolets ensconce their four inhabitants in luxury that honours history by advancing it. It's why such innovative amenities as multi-contour and Active Ventilated seats still receive their leather fitments with the careful touch of an artisan's hands. And why the glow of its multicolor fiber-optic LED lighting so perfectly complements its hand-finished wood trim. At Mercedes-Benz, passion for the open road is a value that never wavers. But it's never stopped racing ahead, or raising every standard it has ever set.

At its origin, open-air motoring wasn't some special form of pleasurecraft - the first cars had no roofs, so the excitement of gas-powered mobility simply came with a sunny breeze. It also came with rain, wind and cold, so enclosed transport soon became the norm. In time, the easy-breezy approach became an ever-shrinking niche of specialty soft tops rendered invisible. When rising costs and regulations drove most of them into retreat, Mercedes-Benz surged ahead - applying its deep engineering prowess not just to preserve the exuberant elegance of open-air motoring but to accelerate it. Today, only one automaker has continuously offered both of these body styles for more than five decades. The redesigned Cabriolets of the 2013 E-Class are stunningly advanced evidence that elegance is not just thriving but more thrilling than ever. And with breakthroughs like the new technologies of Intelligent Drive, it's smarter and safer, too.

The activities you enjoy most in life - whether engaging in them, or simply watching them - tend to have a time and place. Especially if driving a convertible is your sport of choice. Sure, it's fun to toss one around a curve on a spring afternoon, but how often is your game called due to weather? An E-Class Cabriolet is open for pleasure year-round. Its innovations leave no wind untamed. Its performance is anything but timid. Its spicy new looks are the opposite of tepid. And while its acoustic fabric top and 4-seat cabin are the very definition of tailored, its muscle is positively ripped. Which means it's always in shape for your favourite sport. And always in season.

Arrive in style and comfort in your Mercedes. The folding draught-stop for the E-Class Cabriolet protects you from the wind, while the light-alloy wheels and wheel accessories from Mercedes-Benz add to your car's appeal. So, at the end of your journey, you're all set to make a grand entrance.

The magic of an E-Class owes a lot to the science behind its design. Every detail of its shape, from the contours of the new lower bodywork to the side mirrors, is honed in both virtual and actual wind tunnels. Mercedes-Benz engineers aim to achieve class-leading aerodynamics in every model, not only to benefit fuel-efficiency but also to enhance handling stability, visibility in poor weather, and quiet comfort. The exclusive AIRCAP® system virtually eliminates drafts when driving with the Cabriolet's top down. A clever wind deflector rises above the windshield, while a see-through screen powers up between the rear head restraints. The innovative optional AIRSCARF® system provides warmed air from below each front head restraint, so you can enjoy top-down driving in cooler weather.

Advanced light-emitting diode (LED) technology floods dark roadways with more even, natural illumination. In addition to the standard headlamps, LEDs are employed for the brake, tail and Daytime Running Lamps, plus the turn signals at the front, rear, and in the side mirrors. The new electronic shifter on the steering column allows for a more generous, wood-trimmed center console and larger armrest. A new analog timepiece is an exquisite detail whose design pays tribute to the classic 1950s Mercedes-Benz roadsters.

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