Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept cars with encumbrances?
Yes, in the likely event the car is sold, encumbrances are to be discharged with settlement amount paid by the buyer and the remainder distributed to the Seller. Should there be negative equity i.e. any amount owed to a security interest holder above the Price Promise, the Seller must make up that shortfall prior to discharge and delivery to the Buyer.
Should I maintain insurance and registration whilst my car is being sold?
Yes, you own the car until it is sold and transferred.
When and how do I get paid?
We typically transfer funds on the same day of delivery of you car to a buyer. It is likely to take 24-48 hours for clear funds to appear in your bank account.
Is CARCHASE buying the car from me?
No, we arrange and facilitate the sale of your car to a buyer.
If a buyer returns my car, do I keep the proceeds of sale?
Who are you selling to?
User groups with a private or commercial interest.
What minimum score is necessary to be listed on CARCHASE?
At the moment we have our minimum threshold held at 3/5.
When do you expect my car be sold?
We aim for 28 days.
How long does the sell side process take?
Approximately 6 hours excluding travel time. This includes inspection, detailing (where necessary) and photography.
Do I need to clean my car before my booking?
Yes, we advise you to clean your car to the extent you would have it when presenting it to a prospective buyer...including all door, boot and bonnet jams, windows + mirrors and engine bay. If a car is picked up and is not in a saleable presentation, we will perform a pre-sale detail upon instruction.
What do you mean by Price Promise?
The Price Promise is an amount of money you are expected to receive upon sale of your car listed on CARCHASE. This is a gross amount and it is sole the seller's responsibility to account for any taxes relevant to the transaction.
Do I have to pay for marketing expenses upon sale?
No, the 5% covers all marketing expenses for sale of your car.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured for all activities we undertake.
Do you allow test drives?
We organise private viewings for prospective buyers. This is coordinated with sellers at a time and location convenient for them.
Do you perform repairs?
We can arrange for any repairs to be undertaken at our in-house Workshop. All quotes for Authorised Costs will be submitted for approval prior to repairs being undertaken.
Should I limit driving my car whilst its being marketed?
We ask you to limit driving the car only to maintain the condition as originally inspected. However, we understand that life is not contained in a vacuum, so we allow for 1000km throughout the agency period and adjust (from the firm Price Promise) 30 cents for every kilometre driven exceeding our allowance.
What documents should I have ready in anticipation of the sale?
1. RMS issued rego papers 2. Service history printouts and receipts 3. Log books of service history 4. Payout letter (if your car is financed) dated 28 days from agency start date.


How thorough is the inspection process?
Each car undergoes a mechanical deep dive into nearly every aspect of the vehicle for production of the relevant inspection report. Cosmetic imperfections are indicated where the imperfections is beyond the reasonable threshold of wear and tear given the age and kilometers of the car.
Is CARCHASE inspection the same as an RMS Safety Check?
No, vehicles more than five (5) years old require an RMS Safety Check before registration renewal, however all CARCHASE cars are currently validly registered.
Does the inspection cost sellers anything upfront?
No, we only invoice for our 5% Success Fee upon the sale of your car and this includes the cost of inspection.
Where are the inspections carried out?
The inspections are generally carried out at our workshop but we can also mobilise our field inspectors to come to your home or workplace to conduct the inspection upon request.


How do I know I am getting a better price than trade-in?
We invite you to price check with any retail motor dealer. But in the end, they are no match for the structural efficiencies gained by transacting using CARCHASE.
Explain your algorithm please?
We take current and past market and sales data to offer a price that strikes an optimal balance between speed of sale and satisfaction for both parties in terms of quality and price.
What do you mean by Price Promise?
The Price Promise is an amount of money you are expected to pocket as a gross amount upon sale of your car listed on CARCHASE. Any tax obligations such as GST payable is the responsibility of the seller. Please note that where a security interest is held on the car, any monies received in settlement will be applied to discharge the security interest prior to remittance of any balance (if any).
How do I know I am getting a good deal?
We are all about empowering the buyer in making an informed decision on purchase and eliminating risks associated with buying a lemon. Thus, the notion of a good deal must be measured relative to objective quality.


Do I have to do anything special to buy a car online?
No, it is straightforward as buying anything on Amazon or eBay.
Do you accept Bitcoin?
Yes, we are now accepting BTC for settlement.
Is there any room to negotiate on price?
The price is the price but you will be happy to know that as a result of our curation and pricing model, you will always receive an outstanding quality to price value proposition.
If I buy from a dealer seller on CARCHASE, which party provides the dealer guarantee?
The dealer who sold you the car is responsible for providing you with motor dealer guarantee. CARCHASE can help you on any warranty/dealer guarantee claims by liaising with the relevant dealer to ensure an equitable and fair outcome is produced.
Does the deposit form part of the settlement amount?
Yes, the deposit paid for reserving a car on CARCHASE forms a part of the settlement amount and will be included accordingly.
Can I test drive the cars listed on the site?
Yes, Notwithstanding our proposition of supplying ample amount of relevant information by way of inspection report and high quality media production for buyers to view and make a purchase decision, we can arrange a personalise viewing upon request at the seller's location.
If I buy from a private seller, does CARCHASE provide dealer guarantees?
Yes, although due to our peer to peer structure, CARCHASE is not obliged to provide dealer guarantees on cars bought from private sellers. However, as a sign of assurance in the quality of cars we select on our network we provide 3 months dealer guarantee pursuant to the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013.


Can I return my car for remorse or change of mind reasons?
Unfortunately not. Change of mind or buyers remorse are not valid reasons for return.
If I return a car, when will I receive my refund?
On the day we accept the validity of the return, we will begin the process of transferring a full refund excluding any surcharges and processing fees paid incidental to the transaction.