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Steps to selling your car

Steps to selling your car


Get a Price Promise estimate of your car

List on CARCHASE by accepting a Price Promise within this estimated range. A Price Promise is the amount you can expect to pocket upon sale of your car. Should there be a security interest held on you car, this amount will be applied to discharge the relevant interest prior to delivery to the buyer.


We can pick up/deliver or mobilise our field inspectors

On the scheduled date, we can either pick your car up for the inspection or mobilise our field inspectors to come to your home or workplace. If your car passes, we will offer you a (firm) Price Promise at this point. If you are agreeable to this Price Promise, we will then send your car in for photography. The process is estimated to be completed in about 6 hours (excluding travel time). The purpose of our method is so that you can continue driving your car whilst your car is being marketed


We market your car and take all enquires

We market your car across popular directory networks such as, but not limited to, Carsales and Carsguide. And also, to our highly targeted, closed network groups within the top 500 global companies based in Australia. We also handle all enquires made on your car


Upon sale, the Price Promise is deposited into your account

Any settlement monies is typically disbursed to your account or is applied for discharging of any security interests held on the car on the same day as the date of delivery to the buyer. This alleviates the anxiety out of handling the money and exposure to fraud.


We handle delivery and transfer

We will conduct the transfer of title, rego and perform delivery to the buyer. All you have to do is cancel your insurance, 'toll road' number plate details and figure out what to do with your cash!


We Guarantee the Sale of Your Car

If your car does not sell on our marketplace within 28 days, we offer you cash liquidity and a Guaranteed Sale.

Buying guide

The no-fuss buying guide


Search our curated inventory

Search our curated inventory of CARCHASE Certified Cars
displaying professional and detailed photos, 170 point inspection report summary and cosmetic imperfections map. Any cosmetic imperfections are those identified as exceeding the threshold of reasonable fair wear and tear given the age and kilometres of the subject car


Reserve any car by paying a deposit online

Reserve any car by making a deposit using BPay, Credit Card or PayPal. Once the deposit is processed, CARCHASE contacts the seller, arranges pickup of the vehicle and coordinates a schedule to fully detail and deliver the car to you. We aim to get your car delivered within 3 days of reservation (assuming you settle the purchase on the same day as deposit)


Pay the settlement funds into our Trust Account

You can forward settlement monies for your purchase by using a variety of electronic methods including BPay, Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. We recommend that settlement payment be made on the same day as deposit to ensure prompt delivery within our service standards


Receive delivery and enjoy!

You have peace of mind with our Money Back Guarantee and knowledge that you scored exceptional value on a quality car, delivered to your door and all done with total convenience