Refunds, Cancellations & Returns

CARCHASE Money Back Guarantee

This is to be read together with CARCHASE Terms of Use and other relevant Agreements. The objects of this agreement is to hold CARCHASE accountable for representations made on Motor Vehicles marketed and sold on the platform for the purpose of instilling trust in our platform.

Generally CARCHASE sales go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with the Motor Vehicle, the 5 Day Money Back Guarantee assists Purchasers to obtain the car (in its reported condition as published in the listing or inspection report) they reserved or get their money back (or exercise other remedies set out in this Agreement).

Purchasers can rely on the 5 Day Money Back Guarantee if they receive delivery of a car that does not significantly match the description reported in the Inspection Report.

Please refer to the Terms of Use for further information.

All transactions on CARCHASE are covered by the 5 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If a Purchaser receives a car that doesn’t significantly match the description published on the Listing or Inspection Report and they seek to exercise CARCHASE Money Back Guarantee, that Purchaser must do so within 5 days of delivery.

We recommend Purchasers intending to exercise 5 Day Money Back Guarantee to cease driving the Motor Vehicle upon discovery of an inconsistency or issues with the Motor Vehicle’s condition or description relative to the corresponding inspection report or listing.

CARCHASE strives to address any concerns and seeks to offer viable solutions such as, but not limited to, having the Motor Vehicle remediated by detailing techniques, facilitation of any rights, warranties and guarantees implied by law or expressed in the Terms of Use, a platform credit or a full refund, noting that the reasonable remedy is to be decided by CARCHASE in it’s sole discretion.

Purchaser’s remorse is absolutely not covered.

When the car is returned:

  • the Purchaser is responsible for booking collection of the car by calling CARCHASE on 8249 4749
  • the Purchaser must return the car in the same condition in which it was delivered (with the exception of 250km ‘Kilometre Limit’). For further information please refer to Terms of Use
  • Signatures on consignment notes are required for all returns.
  • CARCHASE shall re-inspect the Motor Vehicle to validate the Purchaser’s exercise of this Agreement.
  • A refund may be granted where CARCHASE agrees with the Purchaser’s assessment of the Motor Vehicle according to our Terms of Use and any other relevant agreements and forms the view that a refund is the appropriate remedy.
  • If refund is granted, all refunds are to be remitted on the same or within 2 business days of CARCHASE agreeing with the Purchaser’s assessment and will be forwarded to your PayPal account or your nominated bank account via electronic transfer.
  • Other remedies may also be offered to the Purchaser for the purpose of restoring the Motor Vehicle’s condition as it was represented in the Inspection Report or Listing.

Car significantly not as described

A Purchaser must request a return no later than 5 calendar days after the actual date of delivery.

The Purchaser must have the Motor Vehicle available for immediate return.

If the Purchaser doesn’t comply with the timelines described, at any time the request closes automatically.

Extended timelines for 5 Day Money Back Guarantee coverage

In some situations, we may extend the period of time in which a Purchaser is eligible for the 5 Day Money Back Guarantee. This lets us consider the Purchaser’s location, the delivery service, holidays, delays due to weather, national emergencies, labour strikes, governmental acts, fraud, and other unforeseeable circumstances.


Purchasers can appeal by providing appropriate documentation and/or further evidence within 28 calendar days from when we make a final decision about a transaction issue. The Purchaser is advised to cease driving the Motor Vehicle at all times an appeals process is being exercised.

Refunds to Purchasers

Where refund is granted, CARCHASE uses PayPal, electronic transfer or as otherwise agreed for performing the refund. If a Purchaser doesn’t wish to receive their refund into a PayPal account, we ask the Purchaser to contact to discuss refund options. We may also provide refunds by coupon redeemable for purchases on CARCHASE.

Using other programs to address a concern

Purchasers can’t use more than one resolution method to get a refund. After selecting a resolution process (5 day Money Back Guarantee, PayPal Purchaser Protection, or requesting a chargeback from their payment provider) a Purchaser is required to use only that process to resolve the transaction issue.

If a Purchaser files a PayPal Purchaser Protection dispute, the Purchaser can’t open a 5 day Money Back Guarantee request for the same transaction.

If a Purchaser files a chargeback, any requests opened through 5 Day Money Back Guarantee for the same transaction are immediately closed.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include (but not limited to):

  • A Purchaser opening excessive requests
  • A Purchaser who does not frankly and honestly declare any damage to the car caused by them
  • A Purchaser who unreasonably gives notice of an exercise of our Money Back Guarantee but where the Motor Vehicle significantly matches the description published and does not fall foul of any statutory warranties upon reasonable assessment.
  • Purchasers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences outlined in the Terms of Use. In addition, we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the Purchaser’s coverage under the CARCHASE Money Back Guarantee.

Other terms

Purchasers permit us to make final decisions about all cases, including appeals.

The 5 Day Money Back Guarantee is not a product warranty.

We reserve the right to correct any processing errors we discover by debiting or crediting via the payment method used for the incorrect refund or reimbursement.

“not matched” or “not as described” means “significantly does not match” or “significantly not as described”.

Cancellation Policy

If a Purchaser cancels their order anytime before delivery, any deposit, fees and charges disclosed at checkout shall be forfeited in favour of CARCHASE and Seller.

Private Seller

Where a Purchaser has validly exercised 5 Day Money Back Guarantee, any Private Seller on CARCHASE need not refund the money. CARCHASE shall make the refund to the Purchaser and take title and possession of the Motor Vehicle.